Why I Hate Selfie Sticks

I totally get it. You’re feeling yourself. You looking good. Damn good. And you want the world to know god damn it. This kind of good is post worthy. Hell I am completely guilty of it too. But here’s my problem…

It doesn’t just end at the selfie. Most of us don’t take a quick snap and say “Hey world, I’m feeling good about myself, here I am.”

Nah, nah, nah. Chances are, we have taken over 10 photos(and that’s being nice). Scrolled through all them. Hated every single one. Delete. Delete. Delete. And then finally we come across one that might due once we’ve put a filter on that bitch. Once we are satisfied and have possibly asked friends/family which filter is best(and lets be real, they don’t give a shit), we post. We might post something inspirational if we know we are pushing our limits on the amount of selfies we’ve posted this week. (That Albert Einstein quote has nothing to do with your duck lips). We post and wait. We wait for likes. And when they start coming in, damn do we feel good. My problem?

People are validating themselves through the amount of likes they receive on social media. Where’s the self love yo? You just talked so much shit about how “ew” you looked in all those photos.  And then after making it “postable,” you waited to see what others had to say. You just based your self worth outside of yourself.

Look ya’ll, I am no angel when it comes to selfies. I have taken my fair share and I have waited my damn self for others to tell me how pretty I am. But let’s be real. That shit doesn’t matter. Because at the end of the day, it doesn’t matter how many god damn likes I get or how many people comment. The only person’s opinion that matters is mine. I have to love myself to believe I’m beautiful. To love myself, I have to accept and validate myself through myself. People telling me I look good is a band aid. It makes me feel good for the moment, but at the end of the day, I have to face myself. The cure to vanity is inside of me.

This past summer, I was sitting at the beach watching people take photos with selfie sticks. I watched one couple literally spend about 20 minutes taking selfie after selfie on this stick in front of the ocean. They would take selfies, delete, and then take some more. My motha fuckin problem is, they weren’t enjoying the actual beach. Now as a beach lover, this shit was bothering me! The waves, the water, the breeze, the sun, the sand, the laughter surrounding us, the warmth of the air. I thought, “did they come to the beach to take selfies?” Hmm. Maybe it wasn’t their intention, but it sure as hell was what they did. Did you know that more people died this year from taking  selfies than from sharks?

Are we taking photos to capture memories or capture likes?

And I don’t want to hear, “selfie sticks are a convenient way to get a photo when you don’t know anyone who can take it.” Couldn’t you just, I don’t know, talk to someone and ask them to take your photo?? Ya know, connect with someone. Jesus. We are all literally going to be walking around like robots one day if we keep depending on devices and machines to do things for us. This world is fucking small, you’d be amazed at the connections you can make by simply talking to a stranger. Instead, people walk around afraid to talk to each other. And that isn’t cool.

Don’t get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with taking a selfie every once in awhile and even posting it for others to see. There is nothing wrong with feeling yourself. But folks, moderation is key. How many selfies are in your phone gallery right now?

I hate selfie sticks because they encourage self absorption, which we have enough of on this planet.

Not to mention, they look ridiculous.


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