Letting Go is Sexy

Letting Go is Sexy

Through healing my womb, the place where my divine feminine energy lives, I am able to become closer with the powerful woman inside me. She teaches me to love myself and embrace every part of my being. She whispers to me the secret to having true fulfilment in this life.

Recently, someone complimented me on some of my Instagram pics…similar to the one here. When they complimented me, I thought to myself, “but that isn’t me.” I couldn’t help but judge and think about how those pictures didn’t represent ME or the things that I hold close to my core today.

But then I realized something quite  obvious…the fiery woman in those pictures are ME…and a delicious part of me I might add 😉 Yes, I was wearing slightly too much makeup and taking bikini pics for the sole purpose that being sexy was important to me. However, this photo was taken during the first time I truly felt unstoppable. It was the first major time I chose to LET GO.

This photo was taken after I ended an 7 year relationship and quit my full time job to pursue something bigger. It was a point  in my life where I bore all…both figuratively and literally 😉 I tried new things, gave zero fucks, and my confidence was better than it’d ever been.

However…shortly after my high, I realized I still didn’t feel full.

As I continued on my journey of growth, I learned that the power of the woman inside me was way beyond physical. I learned that my true power resided in the depths of my soul.
Suddenly, I no longer cared what I looked like. I went back to my roots. I started embracing my body hair, rocking my curly locks, and relishing in my natural beauty. And through the ability to love very ounce of who I AM…a re-birth emerged.

Through this re-birth, I learned that it doesn’t matter how I portray myself in the physical world…that’s all just for fun. What’s really important is what lives INSIDE.
This photo is proof to ME that anyone can bloom when they let go of shit that doesn’t serve their truth. It will take practice and discipline, and there will be more shit to let go of in the future, but the more you let go, the more you become liberated in all of your glory.

Letting go is sexy.